The clay cube will be released from its supports on Tuesday March 24th at 12.00


IHME Project clay cube has been on show in the pneumatic building at Kaisaniemi sports field since Sunday March 22nd by corner bracing.

On Tuesday March 24th at 12.00 o´clock the supports will be removed. We are aware that the cube is a mobile and dynamic structure and we expect that over the 21 hours before the public begin transforming it by hand there may well be some kind of spontaneous deconstruction of the mass. The cube is 100 tons of very malleable material.

We welcome you to follow the developments during the opening hours of the hall between 12-19. Due to the unpredictable nature of events, we ask the audience to stay in the area indicated for viewing at the hall.

Prior to the participants´ direct handling of the clay beginning on Wednesday March 25th at 9.00 should the cube still be intact but showing signs of instability it will be broached by the technical team.