Speech Is Silver, Shouting Is Gold


A shouting workshop will be held on Saturday 27 March as part of the IHME Days in the Old Student House in Helsinki. Men´s Choir The Shouters´ leader Petri Sirviö will teach technique of shouting to 150 volunteers and rehearse one song to be performed to the audience in the workshop´s concluding event.

The shouting workshop is the first of its kind to be held in Helsinki, a similar but smaller event was held in the choir´s hometown, Oulu. “The workshop offers opportunities to meet some older hands at shouting art; it will be attended by members of Mieskuoro Huutajat (Men´s Choir The Shouters) who will pit their pace of learning and the competitiveness of their vocal chords against the rookies. Basically the only requirement is that the participants show up in one piece. In the workshop they will get to experience what it is like to be a primitive bawler and a trained performing artist at the same time”, Sirviö sums up.

The choir has this year already performed at, for example, Södra Teatern in Stockholm and the Royal Opera in Copenhagen. In May they will pack their knapsacks for the Biennale of Sydney. “The organizer of our gig in Copenhagen wanted us to shout the economic recession away. We gave a performance on September 2008 in New York. The next day, the giant banks collapsed in Wall Street. I have felt guilt, on my own and on the choir´s behalf, for the international economic crisis”, Sirviö describes his feelings.