Finnish Music, Architecture and Poetry Meet in Susan Philipsz’ IHME Project


The IHME Project 2010 is the new sound installation designed by artist Susan Philipsz for the Helsinki Central Railway Station. In the work the artist performs unaccompanied ‘The Song of My Heart´ (Sydämeni laulu) composed by Jean Sibelius to a poem by Aleksis Kivi. The IHME Project is exhibited in the Central Hall of the Railway Station during 12 March- 11 April 2010 and it can be heard from 3 pm to 11 pm every day.

“I have chosen Song of My Heart (Sydämeni laulu) by Aleksis Kivi, the author of the first novel in the Finnish language, set to music by Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. I appropriate this familiar Finnish tune by situating it in the very public context of the South Hall of Helsinki´s Central Railway Station, designed by Eliel Saarinen. My rendition of Song of My Heart utilises the high vaulted ellipsoid ceiling of the Main Hall of Helsinki´s Central Railway Station. By projecting sound upwards, into the domed ceiling the sound travels around the curve, falling on the other side, creating a ‘whispering gallery´ effect. In this project I want to contrast the intimacy of the lullaby with the bustle and movement of the most traversed public building in Finland, where over 200,000 people pass through every day.”, tells Susan Philipsz.