The IHME Days presented: Discussion, shouting and humming


The contemporary art event, IHME Days, doubled its visitor count compared to last year. 2600 visitors attended the event, which was held for the second time, at the Old Student House, 1000 of whom celebrated at the IHME Club on Saturday night. The other audience magnets were the IHME Marathon and the Trial. The sound workshops were also very popular. A selection of lectures and discussions from the IHME Days can now be viewed on Foundation´s own YouTube channel.

The IHME Days started off with John Cage´s work titled 4’33”, which poignantly summarized one of the two main themes of this year´s IHME Days, the significance of sound and its different manifestations in art.

At the core of the lectures on Saturday were Susan Philipsz´ artistic production and her IHME Project, When Day Closes, which can be experienced at the Helsinki Central Railway Station until 11 April 2010. Lynne Cooke, chief curator of the Reina Sofia Museum, spoke of Susan Philipsz´ art in the wider context of productions by contemporary artists who use sound as their material.

The performances given by the workshops were also among Saturday´s high points. The performance given by Sari Kaasinen´s Lullaby Workshop was intimate and sensitive, while the session of Mieskuoro Huutajat (Men´s Choir The Shouters) and the 80 participants in its workshop was a fierce spectacle.

Later in the evening, the main hall of the Old Student House was transformed into the IHME Club, in cooperation with Pixelache. The cost of admission to the club was an astounding 0 Euro, as was the case with all the other IHME Days events.

The lectures on Sunday focused on the second main theme of the IHME Days, art in public space. The topic of key-note speaker Mary Jane Jacob´s presentation was Experience in Art.

The Trial, judged by philosopher Tuomas Nevanlinna, was Sunday´s main attraction. The size of the audience and the active participation proved the demand for discussion arenas like the IHME Days in the field of contemporary art.