The Trial’s Charge, Prosecutor and Defender


The Old Student House is transformed into a courtroom on Sunday, 23 March, at 7 pm. The Trial, judged by philosopher Tuomas Nevanlinna, calls a hot topic to the stand: is art instrumentalized by the demands of collaboration between art and economy and what will happen to the basic values of art? The prosecutor at the two-hour trial is artist Antti Majava and the defender is art manager Kira Sjöberg.

Tuomas Nevanlinna who will be wielding the gavel is excited about the task. “Holding a trial is an ingenious way of discussing art. At seminars the juxtapositions often remain unseen. The discussion attains a whole new element of drama when the opponents can retreat behind their masks when necessary.”

Surprise witnesses often make an appearance in courtroom dramas. “At this trial, too, the witnesses aren´t revealed until the very last moment. Services of the forensic lab are not required, the trial relies on expert statements and cross-examination.”

According to Nevanlinna, the subject of The Trial, positioning art as a resource of the competition economy, is a dominant cultural political trend. And yes, Judge Nevanlinna will use his gavel if things in the courtroom get out of hand.