Peaceful and moving IHME Project at Helsinki Railway Station until April 4


The 2010 IHME Project, Scottish sculptor Susan Philipsz´s When Day Closes, can still be heard in Helsinki Railway Station at 15-23 for one final weekend. Contrary to the advance information, the work will still echo through the station´s main hall on Monday, April 12.

Pro Arte Foundation Finland, which commissioned the piece, wanted to hear what those who pass through the Railway Station thought about Philipsz´s work. Comments from the public:
“Astonishment and a lovely feeling. A calming voice in a busy space. Made my day and gave me strength.”
“Interesting. The different sounds mingled together.”
“When you stand still, the experience is more intense. When you concentrate, it´s like you are transported to another place.”
“Nice to see that people pay attention to the station´s architecture when they hear the sound.”

Pro Arte Foundation Finland would like more feedback from the public. You can give feedback for both the IHME Project and the IHME Days on our website. Thank you!