Films previously unseen in Finland premiere on IHME Days


On Wednesday 23.3 at 20:00 Superflex´s Modern Times Forever (Stora Enso Building, Helsinki) will start at the Market Square. Apart from the premiere of this film – called the world´s longest (240 h) – the IHME Contemporary Art Festival includes showings of six other films about architecture, the urban environment, and change.

This year´s IHME Days open with Gordon Matta-Clark´s Conical Intersect. Professor Bruce Jenkins of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago will give a lecture on Saturday 2.4 at 17:30 about this classic film and its relationship with contemporary art.

15:00-15:20 Gordon Matta-Clark: Conical Intersect
20:00-20:10 Jani Ruscica: Travelogue
20:10-20:40 Cyprien Gaillard: Desniansky Raion
20:50-22:00 Jeremy Deller & Nicholas Abrahams: Our Hobby is Depeche Mode

SATURDAY 2.4.2011
16:45-17:10 Jane Crawford & Robert Fiore: Sheds

SUNDAY 3.4.2011
11:30-13:00 Yoko Ono: Film No. 5 (Smile)

IHME Days at the Old Student House, Helsinki, 1-3.4.2011. FREE ENTRY.