See classic science fiction film at IHME Days on 23 March


“Past in the future, future in the past. Chris Marker´s La Jetée, constructed almost entirely from still shots, creates the most extensive mental span and widest motion in the history of SciFi: pure poetry of imagined times and places, which became a realer mirror of its times than ‘reality’.”
– Peter von Bagh –

The first item in the IHME Days program is always an artwork that is connected to the annual themes. This spring the themes are collecting, archives and memory, and the opening piece is La Jetée (The Runway, 1962, 27 min.), the best known film by French Chris Marker. It is screened in the form of an analogous 35mm copy. Marker (b. 1921) has made an acclaimed career as a documentarist and film essayist.

The IHME Days will take place at the Old Student House in Helsinki during 23-25 March 2012 and the program will be published on 1 February at our website. Besides films, it features discussions, artist commentaries, workshops, music!