IHME Artist 2013 is Miroslaw Balka


“Now we need to explore the society in a way that has never been done before. To create an open platform of exchange where the position of artist and viewer or participant is almost equal. This is one of the tasks for contemporary artists. Democracy gives us possibilities but also more responsibilities.” – Miroslaw Balka

The Polish artist Miroslaw Balka (b. 1958) will create his IHME Project in collaboration with Helsinki residents. The work titled Signals will be made up of visual signals, the content of which will be decided by the participating citizens. The subject may be the most pressing topic in the area. The topics will be discussed further in separate debates.

The IHME Project will take place in four parts of the city in April 2013.  The 2013 IHME Days will be on 12. – 14.4.2013 in the Old Student House in Helsinki.