IHME customer panel gathered for the first time!


The first meeting of the IHME customer panel began with introductions. The jury represents a delightfully diverse group of festival audience, and many have followed the IHME Festival since its’ beginning. The panel feels that IHME is surprising and participatory, and that the IHME Projects are easily approachable. The panel gave some good ideas for the marketing communication of IHME, and for reaching out to new audiences. The customer panel will continue to test new ideas!

Present in the meeting on 23 October were Marketta Eräsaari, Timo Jokitalo, Taava Koskinen, Helena Liljeberg, Marja Miettinen, Maisa Moijanen, Mikko Mäki, Tomas De Rita, Riitta Skytt and Sanna Uuttu. Paula Toppila and Piia Oksanen represented the IHME Festival.

If you are interested in the customer panel and you want to join in, contact us!