IHME Lists to be published!


The expert team of IHME Contemporary Art Festival will publish once or twice a month IHME Lists starting in November. There will be five categories: IHME Reads, IHME Listens, IHME Looks, IHME Goes and IHME Recommends.

The lists will include cultural products and phenomena the expert team have seen or experienced, in Finland or elsewhere, and which they wish to recommend to the people interested in contemporary culture: what to read, listen to or look at. The fifth list – IHME Recommends – will consist of interesting places that the team has visited while out and about in the city or in the cultural landscape.

The first list – IHME Reads – is published today 1st November 2012 on www.ihmehelsinki.fi, Facebook and Twitter.

The expert team members are: Cultural Counselor Tuula Arkio, Curator Leevi Haapala, Researcher Hanna Johansson, Critic and Curator Timo Valjakka and Executive Director Paula Toppila.

IHME Reads – November 2012

1. Pablo Helguera, Education for Socially Engaged Art. A Materials and Techniques Handbook. Jorge Pinto Books, 2011.
2. Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev: Letter to a Friend. 100 Notes-100 Thoughts. No. 003. Hatje Cantz 2011.
3. Saska Saarikoski (toim.): Sanojen alamainen. Otava 2012.
4. Regarding Warhol – Sixty Artists, Fifty Years. New York: The Metropolitan Museum 2012.
5. Michael Cunningham: By Nightfall. Farrar, Strauss & Giroux 2012.
6. W. G. Sebald: Saturnuksen renkaat, Tammi 2010.
7. Michel Feher (toim.): Nongovernmental Politics. New York: The MIT Press 2007.
8. Jari Ehrnrooth: Juoksu. Lurra Editions 2012.
9. Sarah Thornton, “Top 10 reasons NOT to write about the art market”, TAR Issue Eight/Fall 2012.
10. Nora Sternfeld and Luiza Ziaja: “What comes after the show? On Post-representational curating”. ONCURATING.org, Issue 14, 2012.