Punavuori and Roihuvuori Top 10 Lists


Where to Go in Punavuori – Rööperifest Suggests

1. Viiskulma – Mecca of Record Stores: Digelius, Lifesaver, Eronen, A H Records. And Stupido at Iso-Roba .
2. Parks of the area – Sinebrychoff, Sepänpuisto, Johanneksen puisto
3. Cluster of Second Hand Shops: Kaunis Veera, Ruuturouva, Soma Oma, Amado etc.
4. Summer Market at Freda – the liveliest one in Helsinki
5. Neighbourhood for good coffee: Kaffecentralen, Kaffa roastery, Crustum, Brooklyn Café etc.
6. Places to enjoy good brunch: Crustum, Moko, Suola etc.
7. Church towers in the skyline
8. Narrow streets, small shops and residential buildings that are architecturally valuable
9. Creative galleries of the ‘design district´
10. Great variety of people and happenings, tolerant atmosphere


The Best Things About Our Neighbourhood – Roihuvuori District Association´s Top 10

1. Sense of community, active residents
2. Vicinity of nature, forest and good environment for outdoor activities
3. The sea and beaches nearby
4. Spacious courtyards and cosy architecture of the 50´s
5. Good location and transport connections
6. Diverse events, for example Hanami and block parties
7. Schools and nursery schools, conservatory, kids´ art school
8. Services in the area, library
9. Japanese garden and many parks
10. Village-like atmosphere