Best Sides of Pasila and Töölö


The communities participating in this year’s IHME Project listed the best sides of their own city districts. Today it is the turn for Pasila residents and Tölö specialiseringsgymnasium School to tell theirs!

Best sides of Pasila:
1. Unique architecture from different decades; future may bring skyscrapers
2. Ideal for practicing parkour
3. Good location
4. Surprisingly green (Central Park and Kumpulanlaakso closeby)
5. Variety of residents, multiculturalism
6. Pasila Engine Sheds
7. Pasila Gallery (a graffiti gallery in a tunnel)
8. Helsinki City Theatre´s Studio Pasila
9. Feeling of a community
10. Safe place to live

Best in Töölö:
1. Sushi restaurants
2. Lovely elderly people of Töölö
3. Parks
4. Seaside and beaches
5. Architecture
6. Historical buildings
7. Public transportation
8. Atmosphere
9. Happy and nice schoolchildren
10. Whimsical, timeless boutiques