Herttoniemi and Kivinokka’s special things


IHME’s Helsinki tour continues! Communities we collaborate with this year’s IHME Project share their neighbourhoods best things with friends of our site. It is Herttoniemi Society’s and Kivinokkalaiset Association’s turn to reveal their ten best things. Among other things there’s many excellent sites to visit during your spring walks and picniques.

Herttoniemi’s best things:

1. Nature and greenery: rocks, forest, sea and birds
2. Community
3. 1950´s milieu, nice old buildings
4. Urban planning that favours open space, big yards
5. Active residents and associations such as Herttoniemi District Association and Hertsikan pumppu Resident House
6. Herttoniemi Food Cooperative
7. Metro and public transportation
8. Safe and peaceful environment
9. Services nearby: library, youth centre, health care center, playgrounds for kids, shops, restaurants
10. Special places: ski jump, Majavatie rocks, allotment garden, skiing tracks, Fastholm, the church

Kivinokka’s best sites and events:

1. Kivinokka Beach
2. Walking route around Kivinokka
3. Maija´s Café
4. Kivinokka Environmental Art Exhibition
5. Nature Path of Kivinokka
6. Kivinokka Mid-Summer Party
7. Kivinokka Olympics
8. Hunk of meat prepared for food in an earth oven, Kivinokka style
9. Kivinokka´s spot for fishing
10. Natural Soundscape of Kivinokka