IHME Saturday: Miroslaw Balka, Creative Time and the Club!


IHME Saturday will start with the film Edvard Munch directed by Peter Watkins (b.1938). The film is a portrait of a painter and his time, but at a same time a film that explores the possibility to let the audience have a creative role in film and tv programme production. Don’t miss!

One of the highlights of the day is the conversation on IHME Project: Signals between the artist Miroslaw Balka, curator Juan Vicente Aliaga and the audience.

The audience of IHME has a unique possibility to listen to a presentation on Creative Time, an organisation based in New York, that has already for the last four decades produced art works in the public space. Come and listen what art in public spaces can be!

The day finishes with IHME Club: Felix Zenger & Samuli Kosminen, Mopo, Phantom!