IHME School Begins

Students from the left: Heidi Savilakso-Saatsi, Hanna Rantala, Outi Koivisto. Photo: Savilakso-Saatsi, Rantala, Koivisto.

IHME Contemporary Art Festival and students from Aalto University’s Master’s Degree Programme in Art Education will realize IHME art education projects in three schools. The first IHME school project begins already in this month in Helsinki Diakonia College with its 10th graders. The other two projects will take place in Arabia Comprehensive School and Rauma Freinet School in March 2014.

During the art education project the theme of Yael Bartana’s IHME Project, Finnish identity, is elaborated by the youth. They will reflect their future expectations, individual’s relation to a community and the community’s relation to other communities by means of art.

The school projects will be carried out by the Master’s degree students: Heidi SavilaksoSaatsi, Outi Koivisto, Juho Nikkilä, Noora Ylipieti, Hanna Rantala, Janne Vuollet, Eero Kortelahti, and Toni Lehtola. Their teacher-in-charge is Marja Rastas. All the projects will be presented during the IHME Days at the Old Student House in April 2014.

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