IHME Club Devised by Jimi Tenor and Nicole Willis

Jimi Tenor & Nicole Willis. Photo: Jimi Tenor.

This year’s IHME Club programme has been devised by Jimi Tenor and Nicole Willis. Arriving from Sheffield as the Club’s special guests are the US-born DJ Maurice Fulton and the Japanese electropunk singer MU. Fulton, who began his long career in the 1980’s, is particularly known as one of the 1990s most popular underground house producers and remixers. Now appearing in Finland for the first time, MU’s original, aggressive singing style has won her friends around the world. This evening of many musical genres culminates in the dolefully melodic post-rock of the new Helsinki band Haunted by Hallucinations. Their leading light, Pete Toikkanen, is also known from the original line-up of The Soul Investigators.

IHME Club, Saturday, April 5 at 22-02 at the Old Student House. Between acts in the Club, DJs Tenor and Willis will perform in Café Vanha. Minimum age: 18. Free admission (cloakroom fee 3 €)!

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