Share Your Story in the IHME Workshop

Shared Stories workshop. Photo: Markus Luukkonen

”The workshop is intended for those who want to share their memories and stories in a group. And who are interested in dreaming of a better future for all of us.” – Annamari Karjalainen

In Shared Stories workshop the participants imagine a utopian community, in which everybody would feel good. Their stories, memories and dreams form the basis. During the workshop participants visualize things, tell true stories of their lives while allowing their imagination also to adventure and fly. All the exercises are easy and do not require special skills.

The workshop is led by Annamari Karjalainen, Markus Luukkonen and Alexandra Salmela. Karjalainen is a community theatre director, who has been responsible for the multicultural project, Taide kotouttaa (Art Integrates), which gave birth also to her workshop concept. Luukkonen works currently as a performing storyteller. Salmela is a Slovenian-born writer whose debut novel 27 eli kuolema tekee taiteilijan (27 or Death Makes an Artist) written in Finnish was awarded the prestigious Helsingin Sanomat Book Prize and was on the shortlist for the nation’s top book award, Finlandia Prize.

Shared Stories workshop at the Old Student House on April 5 at 13.00-18.00 and April 6 at 14.00-17.00 (include breaks).

Read more about the IHME Days’ workshops here. Advance booking by March 28. Free admission to all the workshops!

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