More film gems presented on the IHME Days


IHME Days film programme is completed with the film The Stuart Hall Project by the British writer and documentary film director John Akomfrah. The documentary film is a film portrait of one of the most significant cultural theorists of a generation, Stuart Hall. Hall is particularly known for his studies on popular culture phenomena, multicultural identity, and race. The film consists of archival footage of Hall, and the soundtrack is dominated by the ever-captivating jazz master Miles Davis, who was Hall’s favorite musician. Hall passed away in February 2014.

Visual artist Sasha Huber’s latest film My Racism is a Humanism. A Lecture (2013) will be exhibited at the Old Student House during the IHME Days. The film deals with the 19th century’s scientific racism of the scientist Louis Agassiz, whose ideology can be traced right up to the Nazis’ racial theories. In the fictitious lecture, Agassiz performed by the actor Thomas Götz, attempts to vindicate himself and his theories. The scripts is written by the Agassiz scholar Hans Barth from Freiburg, Switzerland.

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