Living Books on the IHME Days

A living book tries on the other book's skirt, World Village Festival 2008. Photo: Asta Rentola

Have you ever wondered what everyday life is for a schizophrenic? Or what kind of hobbies e.g. Jews have? You may get an answer to these questions by asking a “living book”, who will talk, listen and discuss things with you. The Living Library of the IHME Days works like an ordinary library but, instead of a printed book, you can borrow real people for conversation. The loan period is 20 minutes.

List of the Living Books:
Physicist, student of education, “Battle ax”, bullied employee, drunk, schizophrenic, gay, nature activist, disabled, housewife, Christian, unemployed, nonbeliever, Jewish, real-life survival guide, theology student, male nurse, mother of a sick child, Finnish for a Swedish-speaking, a social worker.

Living Library is an innovative method that promotes equality and respect for diversity through intercultural encounters and dialogue. The Living Library at the IHME Days is organized by students from the Laurea University of Applied Sciences Tikkurila, Social Services/Creative Functions Specialisation Option.

Friday 4.4. at 16.30-20.00, Saturday 5.4. at 13.30-16.30, and Sunday 6.4. at 14.00-17.00 at the Café Vanha, Old Student House. Free admission!