World premiere of Passing beyond Passing on the IHME Days

Adrian Piper, Passing Beyond Passing, 2004. Video lecture/screening/discussion, 01:38:27. Video still: Imitation of Life (1934, USA. Director: John M. Stahl).

“This video will be difficult to watch, not only for anyone who still bears residual traces of racism; but also for anyone who still needs, for whatever reason, to believe that there really are “white” people, “black” people, and different “races” of any kind.” – Adrian Piper

The film Passing Beyond Passing by the artist Adrian Piper (b. 1948), who is known for dealing with racism and xenophobia in her works, will get is world premiere at the artist’s own suggestion on the IHME Days on Sunday April 6. The video presents Piper’s considered analysis of American racism, and documents the last time she will publicly speak about it. The work is Adrian Piper’s contribution to the Sunday discussion of the IHME Days on the meaning of race and skin color, which are also addressed in the IHME Project 2014 by the artist Yael Bartana.

The IHME Days film programme features films and videos, which are this year all presented for the first time in Finland. The program offers a unique opportunity to see Yael Bartana’s previous works that have not been exhibited in Finland before.

Read more about the film programme here.