IHME Comics at the Railway Square in Helsinki

Photo: Kai Widell

IHME Contemporary Art Festival and the Ateneum Art Museum organized two workshops at the beginning of April where the participants got to imagine a different world through comics. The workshops were led by visual artist Katja Tukiainen. The comics drawn by the participants are exhibited in April at the Railway Square in the Helsinki city center. They are displayed on billboards that are usually used for election posters.  The workshop participants get to have a say about what they would change in the world if they were a Wonder Woman or Wonder Man. 19 people took part in the workshops, and one comic strip from each participant is featured at the exhibition.

An open competition was held in autumn 2013 where the audience got to choose the artist to lead the workshop.  The audience voted as their favorite the “A New World through Comics” workshop by Katja Tukiainen. The workshops were part of the program of the IHME Contemporary Art Festival 2014 and of the 125th anniversary celebrations of the Ateneum Art Museum. In addition to the workshops, the participants got a chance to visit the Tove Jansson exhibition at the Ateneum Art Museum during the workshop weekend.

The exhibition of IHME Comics takes place during 16 April – 27 April, 2014.