IHME Days’ Trial debates National Art

Judge of The Trial, philosopher Tuomas Nevanlinna. Photo: Kai Widell

What contribution do cultural roots make to art? Is national art the same as State art? Can one nation have several completely different kinds of art? Which has a more homogenizing effect on art: the pressures of internationalism or the demands and expectations of nationality? Is ‘Finnish art’ art made in Finland that also suits the international market, or could Finnishness have something more profound to give to art?

This year the popular IHME Days event The Trial discusses national art. The prosecutor of The Trial is visual artist and writer Kiba Lumberg, who has dealt with Roma culture in her works. Lumberg’s expert witness is visual artist and professor Pia Lindman. Donning the cloak of counsel for the defence is media artist Hanna Ojamo, whose production has taken as its main themes, for instance, history, politics and collective memory. The expert witness for the defence is curator and visual artist Jussi Koitela. How will the defence counsel for national art respond to the prosecutor in 2014?

The judge at this fifth edition of The Trial is, as usual, the philosopher Tuomas Nevanlinna.

The Trial, Friday, April 4 at 17-19 in the Great Hall at the Old Student House, Helsinki. Entrance free!

IHME Days April 4-6 at the Old Student House, Helsinki. Full details of the IHME Days here.