IHME Festival Draws a Grateful Public

Kuva: Veikko Somerpuro

“I hope the True Finn film will be shown in Finnish schools and other educational institutions, in various different places.” – excerpt from audience feedback

The sixth IHME Festival was built around national identity and multiculturalism. These were set out in the Israeli artist Yael Bartana’s film True Finn, in which eight people with different ethnic backgrounds living in Finland discuss what Finnishness means today. Bartana’s film, with English subtitiles, can be seen worldwide on the Yle Areena TV-on-demand service until July 31.

Discussion of IHME Project themes continued during the IHME Days, with Saturday’s talks attracting the biggest audience to the Old Student House. If you missed the IHME Days, you can catch up on IHME’s Youtube channel, which has selections from the various discussions.

IHME would like to thank the public and all our partners who helped us plan and carry out the events. An electronic publication documenting the Festival will appear in autumn 2014. The next IHME Days will be in March-April 2015.

“The highpoint of the year, definitely. A weekend well worth waiting for from one year to the next!” – excerpt from audience feedback


IHME Project on Yle Areena
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