IHME Sunday: Skin color, Race, National Identity

Adrian Piper, Passing Beyond Passing, 2004. Video lecture/screening/discussion, 01:38:27. Video still: Imitation of Life (1934, USA. Director: John M. Stahl).

Sunday’s programme will open with a screening of Adrian Piper’s film Passing Beyond Passing, which explores the phenomenology of race and its meaning particularly in the context of the United States. On Sunday, Finnish and British researchers Pasi Saukkonen, Olli Löytty, Nirmal Puwar and David Dibosa will discuss the concept of national identity in relation to race and skin colour, and the ways that they manifest themselves in everyday life, art and the artworld.

The IHME Days will finish with the IHME Marathon, in which artists explore their personal relationship with the themes of the festival and the ways they manifest themselves in their art.