IHME School 2014 online


In March Aalto University’s students from the Art Education department carried out IHME school projects in Rauma Freinet School and Arabia Comprehensive Shool, in Helsinki. The themes of Yael Bartana’s IHME Project, Finnish identity and multiculturalism, were the starting points for the projects. The pupil’s task in Rauma and Helsinki was to encounter their own preconceptions of the pupils and everyday life in the other school by means of comics. Check out the pupils’ dioramas and collage comics on the blog by Aalto University’s students!  

All the art education projects realized as part of the IHME School programme by IHME Festival and its partners were presented in Our IHME event on Saturday, 5th April at the Old Student House. All the talks are available on IHME Youtube Channel. Watch visual artist Sasha Huber’s talk an IHME Re-Action in English here!