True Finn Online until the End of the Year!

The premiere of True Finn in the Bio Rex cinema. Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

Yael Bartana’s film True Finn can now be viewed on the Yle Areena TV-on-demand service worldwide until the end of the year. For the first time the audience has a unique opportunity to view the IHME Project in the digital web environment and share it with friends. For the teachers the extended time limit offers a possibility to include the film in the teaching programme in autumn. The film is an excellent educational tool e.g. for the art or multicultural education. We are very happy for Yle Areena’s support for the Festival’s efforts to make contemporary art more accessible and would like to thank Yle Areena for the co-operation.

If you would like to share your thoughts on True Finn, feedback will be collected likewise all through the autumn until December 31st.

True Finn on Yle Areena
Online feedback questionnaire