IHME Panel seeks new members


“The most rewarding thing has been getting into the inner circle, hearing and discussing plans, and giving feedback in a relaxed atmosphere.”

The IHME Client Panel is at the heart of IHME’s work with the public: a discussion forum that meets about twice a year. We ask the client panel’s views, for example, to help decide on the programme, in communications and client services; we are thrilled by new ideas and honest feedback. Each year, we also try to arrange a unique encounter on the contemporary art scene, or a peek “behind the scenes” at the Festival. If you want, you can also go behind those scenes to the front line, by working as a volunteer on the staging of event.

Come and join us on the IHME Client Panel! E-mail IHME Producer Katja Koskela by 5.10 at the latest: katja.koskela at ihmefestival.fi