Acid Brass meets Töölö Brass Band

Jeremy Deller: Acid Brass (1997). Williams Fairey Band at Manchester Airport, 1997.

The traditional start for IHME Days programme has been a classic art work related to the current themes of the festival. The audience has had the possibility to experience over the years works like John Cage´s 4mins 33 sec and Chris Marker´s La Jetee. This year´s classic is Jeremy Deller´s Acid Brass (1997). In this piece a 30-member brass band – Töölö Brass Band – plays techno music. It was through this piece that Deller found his own mode of artistic expression, or more precisely, he recognized all that it could be: an artist does not have to produce objects, but can produce situations, events, make things happen, together with people, and enjoy it. This was also one of his breakthrough works into the international art world.

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