The Trial: Is freedom of expression a sham?

The Trial will be judged by philosopher Tuomas Nevanlinna. Photo: Kai Widell.

The IHME Contemporary Art Festival’s sixth edition of The Trial – a debate in the form of a court case – is about art and freedom of expression. As is customary The Trial will be judged by philosopher Tuomas Nevanlinna; the prosecutor is the artist Riiko Sakkinen and the counsel for the defence the artist Merja Puustinen. Come and hear what is expected to be a heated debate at 18:00 on Friday, March 27 at the Old Student House, Helsinki. Also speaking will be the expert witnesses: Jari Tamminen, a journalist at Voima (force) magazine and an expert on cultural disruption; and Päivi Mattila, PhD, Secretary General of the Finnish League for Human Rights. Do all limitations on freedom of expression violate a basic civil right? Do the same criteria apply to freedom of expression in art as in other areas of human communication? Read more >