Acid Brass at the Old Student House on Fri, March 27 at 17:00


‘One of Töölö Brass’s mottos is “with dedication and an open mind”, and playing Jeremy Deller’s Acid Brass fits in well with that. Töölö Brass sees getting to perform his breakthrough work as a wonderful opportunity.’ – Anssi Autio, Managing Director Töölö Brass

Acid Brass is Jeremy Deller’s art project from year 1997. Acid Brass consists of six tunes chosen by Deller, which are played by the splendid 30-strong Töölö Brass, led by Ville Paakkunainen. This unique performance will take place on Friday, March 27 at 17:00 on the steps of the Old Student House in Helsinki or, in the event of rain or severe frost, indoor. The work includes the following classics of techno music: A Day in The Life, Can U Dance, CubikPacific 202, The Groove that Won’t Stop, What Time Is Love, and Voodoo Ray. Read more >