Welcome to the opening of the Liars’ Club!

Kari Cavén's Liars' Club at Pihlajamäki Youth Centre. Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

“This is some sort of weapon from the time of the Cudgel War.” – a youth describes a pepper mill

The Liars’ Club, devised by visual artist Kari Cavén, is a project in which young people invent amazing stories for unique objects. In collaboration with: IHME and Helsinki City Youth Department. The opening of the Liars’ Club exhibition will take place at the National Museum of Finland at 18–20 on March 12. Music at the event will be performed by Hulda and New Generations MCS from the Bass Camp young people’s showcase. Entrance free. The objects and their stories will be on display in the Main Hall at the National Museum of Finland on March 13–29. The exhibition can also be seen simultaneously at Design Museum and the Museum of Technology.

One for your calendar: The Our IHME event at 15:30–16:30 on Friday, March 27 at the Old Student House. Come and hear about the potential of contemporary art in teaching work and about opportunities for collaborating with IHME! Entrance free.

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