IHME School reached almost 900 participants

Mapsi-team collecting feedback during the 24 Hour Rockshow on the IHME Days 2015. Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

“Working with IHME has been a good experience for me. They allowed us to create and produce freely. Mapsi-IHME team was great as well as IHME Staff.”
–Susan Togra Díaz, Sibelius Academy

IHME School 2014-2015 was about identifying amazing objects in youth centres and museums, putting together a time capsule and collecting feedback during the 24 Hour Rockshow. A record total of 900 young people, youth leaders, teachers and other festival audience members took part in the programme.

IHME School is the Festival’s art-education programme, with: participatory projects, pupil visits to the IHME Project; teaching materials aimed at teachers; and the Our IHME event on the IHME Days. During 2014-2015, the Festival collaborated with the City of Helsinki Youth Department, the Art Education programme at Aalto University, and the Managing Art Projects with Societal Impact (MAPSI) scheme coordinated by Laurea University of Applied Sciences and the Sibelius Academy. The themes of the partnership projects were linked with Jeremy Deller’s IHME Project 2015 Do Touch and the 24 Hour Rockshow.
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IHME is happy to discuss new IHME School partnerships. If you and your workplace are interested in contemporary art, community activities and learning together, contact Cultural Producer Katja Koskela, katja.koskela[at]ihmefestival.fi