IHME Recommends: Mossutställningar

"Migrant" welcomed by the receptionist Rahim at The Children's Migration office. Photo: Johanna Norin.

For the rest of 2015, the IHME Recommends page will be introducing public art producers abroad. ENPAP, or the Enlarged Network of Public Art Producers, was initiated by director of Mossutställningar in Stockholm Stella d’Ailly. The aim of the network is to combine forces in fund-raising and sharing of professional expertise – both producing and curating – between members. IHME is happy to introduce the members of the network.

The mission of Mossutställningar is to challenge artists and audiences to engage with works outside the white cube. To date we’ve made a Migration office run by children, stranded the art group Gelitin on a desert island, given elders agents to send on missions on their behalves, chartered a bus to the year 2090 and presented Cooking Catastrophes – an art restaurant where you can taste the end of the world. Right now we are working on a pre-study for Visionary goods – looking at bringing together diametrically opposed parties to enable a leap towards a resilient future.

Studio Mossutställningar is a 4000 sq m studio complex, housing artists and non-artists with a collaboration programme to enable regular exchange.