The IHME Publication 2015 is online!

The IHME Project 2015 at the Shopping Center Kaari. Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

“I wanted them to be juxtaposed with each other, to mix up an object from billions years ago to something quite recent. I wanted those bizarre juxtapositions which on the whole you don’t get in museums, because things tend to stay in their rightful places.”

– Jeremy Deller on Do Touch (See the conversation in the IHME publication, pages 67-96.)

The 2014 IHME Publication can now be read online. This online book summarizes of the festival’s offerings. You get to know Jeremy Deller’s projects – Do Touch, 24 Hour Rockshow and Acid Brass – with lots of great images and by reading the conversation between the artist and Ralph Rugoff. The publication also covers the IHME School projects and it gives you some basic information about the festival. The languages: Finnish/English

View the IHME Publication here >