IHME Project 2016 is Tram Buskers’ Tour


Bureaucracy, rules, unresponsiveness – the three words I heard most often during my research period in Helsinki describing the general atmosphere. I think of my invitation by IHME as providing me with an important opportunity to try to change these things.” Kateřina Šedá

The artist chosen to devise IHME Project 2016 is Kateřina Šedá (b. 1977) from the Czech Republic. The main stage for her proposed project is a Helsinki icon: the tram. She intends to make trams a meeting place where passengers can experience something out of the ordinary and share it with others. Apart from the unusual venue, the line-up of musicians is also unexpected: Šedá wants to stage a mobile tram tour, starring some of the best international buskers. Tram Buskers’ Tour will thus bring the ambience of the international and the feel of their public transport, to Helsinki.

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