Winning video of the #IHMEratikassa competition


In November there was elation in Käpylä in Helsinki, the location for the competition video by the folk-music group Kiehinä, when they won the #IHMEratikassa video competition launched at the IHME artist Kateřina Šedá’s request. In the winning video a tram transports the thirteen-woman vocal group launched by Veera Voima in the “Wooden Käpylä” district. In the video we can hear the joy of singing, with that enthusiasm also reflected in the group’s name: ‘kiehinä’ means kindling. The Kahvilaulu (coffee song) chosen to be sung in the video was given new verses to suit the competition theme by the group’s in-house lyric writer Leena Silfverberg.

The background work for Šedá’s Tram Buskers’ Tour has been going on since August. We have received lots of proposals for prospective performers. Buskers from all over Europe have been approached by staff both from Czech Centres and from Finnish cultural and academic institutes, as well as by numerous private individuals. For the background work the artist also had the dedicated collaboration of Prague music critic Pavel Klusák.

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