IHME thanks artists for their proposals!

IHME-pŠäiväŠt 2015 Vanha YlioppilastaloIHME-päivät 2015, Juhlasali, Vanha ylioppilastalo / The IHME Days 2015, The Great Hall, The Old Student House. Kuva/photo: Kai Widell

The open call to artists that ended two weeks ago produced twenty or so proposals, many of which mirrored the themes of the 2016 Festival. We were looking for Finnish-resident artists to produce services for the IHME Days whose realization required both practical solutions and creative thinking. Applications arrived for all the service categories: lighting design, menu planning, visibility planning and workshops.

The Festival’s expert team has chosen two proposals for further development and details of the decision have been sent to all applicants. The visibility of the IHME Days will be planned and realised by the Serious Introspection team: John W. Fail, Justin Tyler Tate & Ernest Truely. Illustrator, artist Robin Ellis and artist/designer Päivi Raivio will run the workshop based on their own concept.

Heartfelt thanks to all those who applied and to everyone who passed on the message! The next IHME Days are on Friday–Sunday, 1–3.4.2016 at the Old Student House in the heart of Helsinki. The programme of events will be announced at the beginning of February.