IHME Questions: ANTI Festival


The IHME Questions series starts with a question for producers of public art. Why do the various individuals and bodies produce art specifically for public space instead of for traditional gallery or museum spaces? What starting points does public art offer for the artist and for experiencing art?

In its eight-year history, IHME, too, has been seen in places where we are not necessarily accustomed to find art. People have been able to stand face to face with an IHME work while on their everyday rounds, at the railway station, in libraries, and even in shopping centres.

IHME’s new series of questions and answers puts the spotlight on those who want to bring art to where the people are.

First to answer the question is the Kuopio-based, site-specific, performance-art-focused ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival. The ANTI Festival has been staged annually since 2002, and provides a unique meeting place for artists and members of the public who are interested in art that creates and reshapes everyday spaces.

Why does ANTI produce art for public space? The question is answered by ANTI Festival Manager Elisa Itkonen: “I want to step inside the artwork, to walk past it and, if I like, to go back to it again. Public space is a sort of non-space, a nobody’s place, and for that very reason everybody’s. It becomes my place, when I share it via art, together with my accidental community. I hope the ANTI-public feels the same.” The Winter ANTI Festival in February will take place in Kuopio and the skiing centre Tahko. “This time the audience might pass by or even through the artworks while on skis, on a snowboard or a snowmobile – the concept of auditorium knows no bounds in public space!”

ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival 22.-28.2.2016