IHME Questions: Checkpoint Helsinki


The IHME Questions series asks why various individuals and bodies produce art for public space instead of for traditional gallery or museum spaces. What starting points does public space offer to the artists and those experiencing their art?

During its eight-year history, IHME, too, has been seen in places where people are not necessarily used to encountering art. They have been able to stand face to face with an IHME work while on their everyday rounds, at the railway station, in libraries, and in shopping centres.

IHME’s new series of questions and answers puts the spotlight on those who want to bring art to where the people are.

Checkpoint Helsinki, which emerged out of the cultural-policy discussion opened up by the Helsinki Guggenheim Museum project, commissions and produces contemporary art as part of Helsinki and Helsinki residents’ everyday lives. Its events are presented to the public all year round in variable packages. ”We work with artists’ and curators’ ideas, but without our own exhibition space. For each of our works we look for a place and for partners in collaboration,” says Checkpoint Helsinki coordinator Saara Karhunen. This summer, contemporary art will meet cultural heritage at Seurasaari Open-Air Museum. ”The exhibition, curated by Joanna Warsza, will, for instance, show works by Kader Attia and Liisa Roberts that examine and comment on the image of the history of Finnish life presented at Seurasaari. Site- specific contemporary art that will only be displayed temporarily is a topical issue for this museum area overseen by our partner in conversation, an area that plays a central role as a teller of the story of Finnishness as the world changes.”

Checkpoint Helsinki

Checkpoint Helsinki x Nationalmuseum Summer 2016 in Seurasaari Museum