IHME Days: Choose your favourites!

IHME DaysThe IHME Days audience at the Old Student House. Photo: Kai Widell

The IHME Days will take place at the Old Student House in Helsinki on 1–3 April. The multi-faceted programme includes discussions, music, video art and workshops.

Join us for the talks in English!

The Art and Communities session with artists Kateřina Šedá and Kaisa Salmi, as well as Executive Director Emmanuel Pratt (Sweet Water Foundation) and Director Adam Sutherland (Grizedale Arts), is on Friday April 1.

On Saturday, 2 April Kateřina Šedá and Hamza Walker, Associate Curator at the Renaissance Society, University of Chicago, will discuss the Tram Buskers’ Tour. You are very welcome to share your own experiences and thoughts on the IHME Project.

IHME has the pleasure of presenting the first art exhibition in the Festival’s history: a series of pop naïvist graphic prints by the artist Marie-Louise Ekman produced by Tensta konsthall. We are also showing Ekman’s intense TV series Målarskolan (10 episodes in Swedish) which portrays the dynamics of a certain art school. Both the exhibition and Målarskolan can be viewed on the second floor of the Old Student House, Helsinki, throughout the IHME Days weekend.

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