City sounds at the IHME Club

Pierre BastienPierre Bastien performing with his mechanical orchestra. Photo: Herbert Gairhos

At the IHME Club you can hear new, intrepidly experimental music from Finland and elsewhere that reflects its makers. Let the sounds take you back to the city’s tram routes or to somewhere totally different, to the edges of the familiar or the unknown!

Sounds of the city and mechanical music

One of the performers on The Tram Buskers’ Tour is Antti Tolvi. A gig designed specifically for the IHME Club will evoke echoes of the routes taken by the Tram Buskers’ Tour – commissioned for this year’s Festival – as Tolvi weaves the sounds of the city and the trams into his music. Joining Tolvi on stage will be Lau Nau known for her experimental forest folk.

After the quartet, the Frenchman Pierre Bastien, also known as “the mad scientist of music”, will give the audience a multi-sensory experience. During his musical career of more than 40 years, Bastien has made a name for himself for his mechanical orchestra built from Meccano construction kits, which plays dozens of instruments ranging from a Japanese koto to those used in Indonesian gamelan orchestras. “I like to combine a cello or a viola with a godje from Niger and a Javanese rabab,” the instrument builder and multi-instrumentalist told The Wire magazine in an interview. “It’s like in a city, where all the different cultures blend with one another: you get a richer palette of sounds.”

At the IHME Club Bastien’s latest project, the poetic Quiet Motors, will combine image, motion and sound, conjuring musical instruments out of cogwheels and paper.

A danceable end to the evening

The Club evening will end with a DJ set and live visuals by electronic music producer and maker AGF. AFG, aka the Hailuoto-based Berliner, Antye Greie-Ripatti, is a multi-talented sound and video artist, who is particularly interested in the relationship between language, sound and voice. “It would be nice to make a reference to the festival, too,” she says.

More about the club here!