Jan Verwoert on artistic agency: IHME Festival Keynote

Jan VerwoertJan Verwoert visiting Kris Lemsalu's studio. Photo: CCA, Estonia

Last year’s Turner prize – the UK’s most prestigious art award – provoked controversy when it went to a collective of “non-artists” called Assemble for an architecture and design project. “Art? We’re more interested in plumbing,” commented the group, which won the prize for its refurbishment of a group of houses and for setting up a social enterprise in a troubled community in Toxteth, Liverpool

Artists or non-artists?

The Festival’s Keynote Speaker Jan Verwoert was a member of the Turner prize jury. In his talk he will tackle the question of artistic agency and address some of the issues at stake in the discussion surrounding the awarding of the prize. How to be an artist and make art? Who is the artist in today’s society – “a foreigner to what a moral majority considers real”?

Verwoert is a critic and writer on contemporary art and cultural theory based in Berlin. He is a contributing editor of frieze magazine and his writing has appeared in various journals, anthologies and monographs. He is also Professor of Art and theory at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo), a Visiting Professor at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, and teaches at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam.

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Sunday 3.4. at 15.00-16.00 Old Student House, Great Hall

NB! The session will be in English.