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Jan VerwoertJan Verwoert gave a keynote speech at the 2016 Festival. Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

Music had a central role in this year´s IHME Project: buskers from different parts of the world took over the public space of the trams and transferred them into spaces of unexpected encounters. Czech artist Kateřina Šedá‘s work Tram Buskers´Tour has liberated people´s behaviour in trams, brought joy but it has also caused anxiety and made people leave the trams. What was Tram Buskers Tour to you? Did your everyday route, mood in the tram or your plans for the day change? Did you miss the whole thing despite looking for it? Did you become a fan that looked for all the musicians?

Please tell about your experiences here. Upon participation you enter the prize draw of Ticketmaster Finland´s gift card!

Citing Russian literary classic Lev Tolstoy – just like writer Jari Ehrnrooth did at IHME Days when sharing his interpretation on the project – art work is successful when it has touched people´s emotions. Or as Jan Verwoert stated in his keynote, it is sufficient for an artwork to create a barrier that allows a moment for reflection.

What did you think about this year´s IHME days? Tell us and let us know about your wishes and ideas for future developing of the event (prize draw as mentioned above).

More videos soon on YouTube

IHME has shared video recordings on the talks programme at IHME Days since 2009 on Festival´s YouTube channel. In this video archive you can find e.g. the discussions with the first IHME artist Antony Gormley and the Danish artist trio Superflex. The eighth IHME Days finished once again with 2,5 hour long IHME marathon with ten artist presentations that dealt with the question what do artists do. These talks (in Finnish) and among others Jan Verwoert’s keynote can be found on the IHME YouTube channel beginning from April 13 th.

IHME 2016 in numbers

How does IHME 2016 look in numbers? IHME Project involved 32 musicians and 20 audience workers and it took place on all ten tram lines of Helsinki. During the four days of its existence the project consisted out of more than 300 hours of live music and it reached approx. 5000-6000 people a day, altogether 24 000 tram travellers! IHME Days visitors were almost 1500 over the weekend.

IHME School includes art-education projects with schools and youth centers. This year 800 people – young people, pupils and teachers – participated in the IHME School.

There have been more than 100 people involved in the making of this year’s IHME – many thanks to all our collaborators and everyone involved for your contribution!