IHME Workshop artists selected

Kanneltalo and Sitratori (Sitra Square)Kanneltalo and Sitratori (Sitra Square). Kannelmäki youth centre is located in Kanneltalo. Photo: Jonna Kalliomäki

IHME Workshop, a partnership between IHME and the City of Helsinki’s Youth Department, is in the starting blocks for the sixth time. The goal for next year is to reach not only young people and the staff of the youth centre, but also the people of the target area more broadly, through an artist community residency.

IHME Workshop is an annual project carried out by an artist, producer and staff of the youth centres. The workshop proceeds in close dialogue with the youths. The threshold to participate is kept low: no need to sign up in advance, and no participation fee. The objective is especially to involve young people who do not usually engage in art or who are unfamiliar with visiting museums or art galleries. The workshops are run by artists, so the young participants are also introduced to the art field from a professional standpoint.

Featuring Hamm & Kamanger

“I like to work with young people, it’s fun. I have learned a lot from children and youngsters.”
— Dzamil Kamanger

IHME Workshop 2017 is being planned and directed by the artist duo Kalle Hamm (b. 1969) and Dzamil Kamanger (b. 1948). Recurring themes in their works include encounters between cultures and the global movement of people and goods. In 2014, Hamm and Kamanger received the Finland Prize for raising timely social issues.

“I am fascinated by locality and the development of regions. We have done projects beyond the conventional boundaries of art, and working on the fringe still interests me.”
— Kalle Hamm

The next IHME Workshop will take place at the Kannelmäki youth work unit in February-April 2017. The artist team will soon begin planning the project by visiting the youth centre at the Kanneltalo, getting to know its staff and surrounding area. The concept will be finished towards the end of the year. Follow the pages of the IHME School and IHME Workshop on Facebook >

Youngsters drive change

Lauri Hiltunen, head of the Kannelmäki youth work unit, says that young people in surveys have expressed hopes for enlivening of their neighbourhood. The IHME Workshop will become visible in Kannelmäki in the spring, with the goal of affecting the area’s residents.

Through this project, the IHME Workshop will be developed into a working residency: the project will last longer than before, several months, and the artists will work in close cooperation with the youths. The IHME Contemporary Art Festival and the City of Helsinki Youth Department aim thereby to promote young people’s opportunities to affect their own living environment and boost their visibility in the city.