On IHME’s YouTube: What do artists do?

Antony Gormley with Paulo HerkenhoffAntony Gormley (right) discusses his IHME Project with Paulo Herkenhoff (left). Photo: Kai Widell

With the shifting forms of today’s art, notions of what it means to be an artist are in continual flux. The changing role of the artist has also been a recurring theme in IHME’s programme of live talks.

Since 2009, the IHME Festival audience has had an opportunity to hear what art experts, ranging from curators to art historians, have had to say about artistic practices. But how have the IHME Artists responded to the question: ‘What do artists do?’

“There are so many authors here”

“I think we are in danger of thinking of me as the author here, and there are so many authors here . . . I did some stuff, but most of it fell over. It’s really just about opening the studio door or saying that the studio is everywhere. The studio is also inside people’s heads; you open the door and say: ‘Come in, let’s do something.’ – Antony Gormley

In 2009, the British sculptor Antony Gormley discussed his IHME Project Clay and the Collective Body with art historian Paulo Herkenhoff. Watch the video here.

“Art today, it’s about we. Never were people so close to each other as they are now, confronted by this economic crisis, which has happened to us. So, I think in the field of art we should build a little bit different definition of exchange, of art exchange. […] There is a possibility to share things in a more horizontal way, and the Signals were more about horizontal presence. It has nothing to do with the hierarchy and the verticality of the world.” – Miroslaw Balka

The 2013 IHME Project, Signals, was commissioned from Miroslaw Balka. The conversation between Balka and curator Juan Vicente Aliaga can be watched here.

“The artist is many things. It is like saying: What’s the role of the writer? There are many different kinds of writing, many different kinds of art. I think you are meant to interfere with things and maybe confuse things a little bit, to misbehave, to stir things up, as we would say, stir the pot a bit. To be a little bit irresponsible, and do things that other people might want to do, but are not in a position to be able to do. I think that’s the best I can do.’ – Jeremy Deller

The artist of IHME Project 2015, Jeremy Deller, and the Director of London’s Hayward Gallery, Ralph Rugoff, discussed Deller’s works Do Touch and 24 Hour Rockshow in Helsinki. Watch the conversation here.

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