IHME 2017: The Black Charismatic


The Chicago artist Theaster Gates (b. 1973) has been chosen to create the 2017 IHME Project.

The author of the ninth IHME Project, Theaster Gates, is bringing to Helsinki an experimental jazz group, The Black Monks of Mississippi. The Monks are one of the cornerstones of his collective artistic production and will present Gates’s way of working collectively to the Finnish audience. More about the artist and the selection criteria >

IHME Project 2017 is The Black Charismatic

The four-part IHME Project will consist of a new video installation to be shown in public space, the world premiere of a film documenting The Black Monks of Mississippi, a concert by the group, and the release of their debut album.

The ‘black charisma’ referred to in the title of the work, The Black Charismatic, raises a theme that runs through Gates’s entire production: the history and current situation of black people, and the way that black culture has changed the world. More about the 2017 IHME Project >