Päivi Matala becomes IHME’s Producer

Päivi MatalaIHME’s new Producer is Päivi Matala.

IHME’s Producer starting January 23, 2017 is MA Päivi Matala.

Matala is moving to her new duties from her post as Museum Educator at the Gallen-Kallela Museum. She has previously worked on a variety of audience-work schemes, including at Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and Amos Anderson Art Museum.

Matala is a contemporary-art professional, who holds audience work particularly close to her heart. “I am really excited about my new job. The IHME Festival wonderfully combines two of my favourite things: contemporary art and audiences,” says Matala, who has also topped up her expertise with study modules in audience work and service design.

At work with the public

“We at IHME are very happy that Päivi Matala is joining our ranks. One the most important goals of our Festival, which celebrates its tenth anniversary next year, is an even more intense and engaging Festival experience, and it is great that all of us in the Festival office are equally enthusiastic about developing visitor’s experience,” IHME’s Executive Director Paula Toppila says happily.

In the three-person Festival team the Producer is responsible for both the production of the Festival programme built around the commissioned work and for the carrying out of IHME’s school and other audience-work projects. In this small working community the Producer also helps publicize the Festival on various channels. Added to that, the Producer is the contact person for the Festival’s client panel, the IHME Panel.

Päivi Matala is taking over from IHME’s long-standing Cultural Producer Katja Koskelaa, who has moved on to new duties in the City of Espoo’s Cultural Unit.

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