Reflections on IHME Project: Maija Baijukya


Every year, IHME has invited people with different backgrounds and from different fields to share their experience of the IHME Project. Video commentaries on this year’s Project can be viewed on the Festival’s YouTube channel.

As our first guest, Maija Baijukya reflects on the Project – in a video shot an hour after Theaster Gates‘s and The Black Monks of Mississippi‘s The Black Charismatic concert at Helsinki’s Rock Church. For her, the concert “brought up the kinds of intergenerational sorrows and traumas that black people have carried”, but also brought her to “a place of grace”.

Baijukya is a Helsinki-based feminist activist.

Also, Joona Junkkari, Head of PR and digital marketing at The Salvation Army in Finland, and architect, musician Tuomas Toivonen will share their thoughts on The Black Charismatic. Subscribe to IHME’s YouTube channel for updates!

Theaster Gates’s The Black Charismatic video installation at the Finnish Salvation Army Temple, Uudenmaankatu 40, Helsinki, is open daily 10:00–18:00 until Saturday, April 29 (closed on Sundays). Admission to the installation is free.