Sofia Jannok at the IHME Club


IHME is pleased to welcome the one and only Sámi singer-songwriter Sofia Jannok with her band to the IHME Club on Saturday, 26 May at Korjaamo.

Power yoik from Swedish Lapland

Sofia Jannok is an artist whose music combines diverse musical styles – folk, pop, jazz and power yoiks. At the IHME Club she will take the stage together with three musicians. Jannok sings mostly in Northern Sámi but also writes her lyrics in English and Swedish.

Jannok has released four albums, the latest – ORDA – This is my land – being released in 2016. Twice Grammy-nominated, Jannok has won many awards in Sweden and toured around the world.

Voice to nature and to the rights of indigenous people

The singer from Swedish Lapland is also known as an activist who promotes the rights of Sámi people. Jannok has publicly taken a strong stance against the establishment of mines on land used by Sámi reindeer herders. Her concern for what is happening in the Arctic as well as for the status of indigenous people is reflected in her music. For her, music is a way to promote change:

”I am the power yoik in the front line of nature protecting herself for future generations. To all my indigenous relatives around our mother – may we never be silent.”

Listen to Jannok’s song This is my land:

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On Spotify:

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